Proposed New Entry Road for Plantation Country Club

Proposed entry road design. Image: The Land Group

As you’ve likely seen and experienced, Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is in the process of major construction along State Street. One of the construction projects, reconfiguration of the State Street and Pierce Park Lane intersection, will directly impact Plantation Country Club, including the entry road to the property.

ACHD’s current plan to reconfigure the State Street and Pierce Park Lane intersection would create only right turn access to Plantation Drive, the Club and nearby homeowners’ entry road in both directions. This change allowing only right turns creates a variety of problems related to business access and safety for Club members, visitors and residents. ACHD’s tentative  date to begin reconfiguration of the intersection is January 2021 with completion set for late summer or fall. ACHD anticipates that Idaho Power and other utility companies will begin work in late 2020.

Glass Creek, LLC, the new owner of Plantation, worked proactively to propose the design and construction of a new and improved entry road into Plantation. The goal is to ease these safety and accessibility issues for members and guests of the Club.   

The new entry road would provide ingress/egress to Plantation at the new signalized intersection of State Street and Pierce Park Lane. The traffic signal would allow for safe left turns onto State Street for those leaving the property, as well as providing convenient access for residents. 

The new entry road is planned to be designed to ACHD specifications, allowing the option for ACHD to accept the roadway as a public street in the future. 

Glass Creek, LLC's team shared the proposed entry road design with Club members and neighbors affected by the changes, who came out in favor of the redesign. The Garden City Design Review Committee gave unanimous approval of the Glass Creek proposed design at its committee meeting on June 3 and the ACHD Commission approved the intersection redesign request on July 10.  Glass Creek, LLC must finalize an agreement with ACHD prior to October 1, 2019 regarding payment of costs to modify the State Street and Pierce Park Lane intersection design and future construction.