Plantation Country Club is Now The River Club


With the Club’s New and Future Amenities Comes an Updated, Inclusive Brand


In an anticipated move that grew in importance throughout 2020, Plantation Country Club is proud to announce its new name: The River Club. The rebrand of the club will take effect immediately, with a rollout of signage, club gear and more transitioning over the coming months.


“Looking to the future of this great Club and what it means to members and the community, the element we kept coming back to was the river. It was a common theme for members and the planning team when considering a new name,” said Will Gustafson, Glass Creek, LLC. “The Boise River is the lifeblood for this community. We are physically and intrinsically attached to it. It was obvious that our Club’s future had to pay respect to the river.”


The new owner, Glass Creek, LLC, purchased the Club in late 2018 with the intention to rename the Club once facility updates and the anticipated redesign of the golf course are completed. The events of 2020 have brought an increased focus on ensuring the Club’s authenticity and environment match today’s values. It became clear the planned rebrand of the Club could not wait to coincide with the completed golf course design.


“We felt from the very beginning that ‘Plantation Country Club’ did not reflect the vision we had for the Club's future: a fresh, modern, inclusive, and welcoming Club for all members of the community. This year brought a sharp focus on just how imperative it was for our Club to not be attached to that dark piece of America’s history and we knew we couldn’t wait any longer. In hindsight, the decision to wait was a mistake and we wanted to correct that as promptly and responsibly as we could,” said Gustafson.


Change is no stranger to the Club. Before becoming The River Club, it went through three other name changes from its inception in 1917 – each to reflect the times and its role in the community. The new identity continues that shift as the Club looks to assume a new role in the community while remaining a welcoming, beautiful gathering place for members and guests.


In addition to the Club’s name change, owners are looking forward to engaging and working with residents to rename Plantation Drive, currently serving as the entrance lane to the Club. A redesigned entry road is planned alongside ACHD’s anticipated reconstruction of the State Street and Pierce Park Lane intersection.